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Why I Chose the Abortion Pill at Redcorner Women Clinic

Why I Chose the Abortion Pill at Early Options
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Patient Shares Her Experience and Doctor Shares Accurate Medical Information on the Abortion Pill 


I wanted to interview you because it’s a passion of mine to get more accurate medical information out, to women about the different methods to end early pregnancy.

I think you did the Abortion Pill?



D: There is so much misinformation on the abortion pill. How did it go? Why did you choose it? Anything you want to say to other women who are considering using it –

P: Sure. It was really easy. I was early, so I knew it was an option.  I did look it up.

D: I believe you only missed your period by a week?

P: Yes.

Coming in RWC

D: So you were very early.

P: Really early, and it wasn’t invasive. I don’t really like doctors that much, so I knew it would be pretty easy. And it was personal too. I could do it at home which was awesome. I could relax and not have to worry about going back to work. It was great, it worked out really well.

D: So, you took one pill in our office, I think in the afternoon?

P: Yes, it was Friday around 2:30.

D: And, then it’s you who decides when to take the second dose. We said you could take them as early as that night, or you could take them the next day, and you chose to take them the next day?

P: Yes, I took them them on Sunday morning. I was going to do it Saturday afternoon, but we did Mother’s Day on Saturday. So I waited till the next day because I knew I was going to be cramping. So I did it within, probably 36 hours.

Pain of Abortion Pill

D: Okay, so once you took the second set of pills how long until you had cramping and bleeding?

P: Probably within like a half hour 45 minutes.

D: Really. What was the cramping like?

P: It was pretty much like the worse period that I’ve had. And I’ve had periods that bad before, so it wasn’t anything that crazy. The pain killer definitely helped, and then I just took a hot bath. And after that for like 45 minutes probably. Then I had cramping for 2-3 hours. Then it felt so much better, and it was pretty much just bleeding.

D: Did you take just Ibuprofen or did you take the Vicodin we prescribed?

P: I took the Vicodin too. I didn’t have to take it all but I did take two, and then took one later on and I was fine.

D: So the cramping really lasted for about 3 hours, for you?

P: I’d say like 4 max, 3 pretty intense. Like the most intense it was, maybe about 2 and a half.

D: And then did it just stop?

P: Yes.

D: Have you had cramping since then?

P: No, not really at I. I can just feel still that I’m a little bloated

D: What was the bleeding like and how long? Is that still going on?

P: It is still going on. At first it was a little clotted and thicker. Now it’s pretty much just like a normal period. Tomorrow will be the 3rd day, and it’s gotten so much lighter.

Seeing the Tissue

D: Some women who take the abortion pill are afraid of what they’re going to see, but I always reassure women there’s nothing there that would make them feel uncomfortable if they’re under 9 weeks of pregnancy. Was that the case for you? Was there anything that made you feel uncomfortable?

P: No, not at all.

D: Pretty much looked like your period?

P: Yes, just a little bit thicker at first, so that was it.

D: Can you just say a little bit more emotionally about why you chose it [the pill] and why chose the experience of being able to be at home? For you how did that matter?

Clear Decision on Abortion Choice

P: For me, I knew this was the right decision. I thought since I was so early it didn’t feel it was that much different than taking the morning after pill which I know so many people take. You can get it over the counter. I think that made me feel a little better about my decision, and it was just a little easier. I feel it wasn’t as big a deal then doing it another way, at least for me.

D: I think it normalizes it sometimes, to do it at home. I think it’s a very good reason to do the pill.

P: Yes, it didn’t feel like a major kind of, situation, just something that was easy and comfortable.

D: And how are you doing emotionally now?

P: Fine. Yea, absolutely

D: Great. Well thank you for taking the time to help other women, it makes such a difference.

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