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Why Redcorner women's clinic Different

Why are we different?

Redcorner women's clinic provides a private practice alternative to other abortion clinics. We recognize that an unexpected pregnancy can be especially difficult for women, their partners, families and friends, and we believe that the care given should be private, discreet, safe and confidential. Compared to other New York abortion clinics, RWC specializes in non-surgical early abortion methods offered in privately scheduled one-hour appointments. Because of this, RWC is recognized as one of the nation's leading private practice abortion providers with over 10 years of experience in abortion care. Our high standard of patient care is achieved by our staff's dedication to exceed patient expectations in every possible way. All of our physicians are board-certified obstetrician/gynecologists with specialized training in abortion care and they are recognized across the country as leading experts. All staff members are carefully chosen for their skill, training, experience, compassion and commitment to providing patients with safe and confidential abortion care.

What we offer:

Redcorner women clinic offers the safest and most gentle means for abortion care using the newest state of the art technologies. The newer Pro-Vac Aspiration Abortion Procedure and the Abortion Pill/RU-486 are the safest and most natural ways to terminate an early pregnancy. Even though we have Mini-Vac, we found Pro-Vac to be much gentler to the lining of the uterus and a better alternative to Mini-Vac, with less bleeding and a quicker overall recovery. These simple non-invasive, non-surgical methods can be completed in our private procedure room, similar to getting a routine exam by your doctor. All of our patients have private scheduled appointment times, and a typical office visit is only 1-1.5 hours, which includes expert consultation with our Board Certified physicians so you can make the choice that is right for you. Unlike other abortion clinics we realize that it is important to have support and thus patients are welcome to bring a friend or family member for the entire appointment.

How is a Redcorner Women's Clinic different from other abortion clinics?

Typical other abortion clinics do not provide private abortion services, in fact it is usually the opposite, the experience is usually not discreet, nor compassionate. At RWC we strongly believe that an abortion solution should be private and thorough, with special emphasis on patient safety and compassion, this is why we are recognized as the leading private New York abortion practice.

Redcorner Women's Clinic

Abortion Clinics

At RWC our average appointment time is approximately 1-1.5 hours, which includes expert counseling and care by your board certified OB/GYN.Average appointment time is about 4-6 hours, most of this time is spent waiting to be seen by a doctor.
All OB/GYNs are Board Certified with specialized training in abortion care.Clinics often do not require their doctors to be Board Certified.
State of the art beautifully decorated intimate private practice.Clinical setting is often generic, not as cleanly and intimate.
We schedule each patient individually so patients are in a private environment.Multiple patients scheduled at the same time with crowded waiting rooms.
Patients have an individual private consultation with their doctor to discuss the best early abortion options.Large number of patients are seen, with little emphasis spent on patient needs.
We schedule only a few patients each day, so we can spend time counseling our patients.Patients typically do not have a private consultation with the doctor who will perform the procedure.
We provide a small intimate private waiting area, with little to no waiting.Abortion clinics have large waiting rooms that are crowded, patients need to wait for longer periods of time.
We utilize the newest and safest state of the art abortion methods.Clinics typically have outdated technologies and do not offer the newest products and technologies.
All of the care we provide is conducted in a private examination room. No operating room.Patients are called into a non-private operating room for their procedure.
Patients are seen by their own board certified doctor and are accompanied by a single private nurse.Patients see multiple members of the office staff and are often treated “like a number”.
Patients can wear their own clothes until the procedure.Patients are often asked to wear paper gowns in public waiting areas.
Friends and family are welcome the entire visit.Friends and family stay in the waiting room

Why is RWC considered the leading provider of private Gauteng abortion care?

RWC provides the safest gauteng abortion option for women who are less than 13.5 weeks pregnant in a private and compassionate setting. Our early abortion methods include the non-surgical Aspiration Procedure using the newest Pro-Vac System and the Abortion Pill/RU-486. The newer Pro-Vac Aspiration System involves no scraping, no scarring, and recovery is usually immediate. Unlike a surgical procedure, during our procedure you do not need to go to the operating room. At RWC if you choose a non-surgical procedure, it will take place in a state of the art beautifully decorated private exam room.


This is much different than the services offered at any other abortion clinic. At a typical abortion clinic they often perform surgical abortions called dilation and curettage (D&C) as their primary method of care. These surgical abortions are usually recommended to all patients, no matter how long they have been pregnant, and many times other alternatives are not discussed. Surgery in an abortion clinic is conducted in an operating room and recovery is in a large room, which you share with other patients. These surgical procedures often have much longer recovery periods as well, sometimes lasting days. This environment is less private, less informative and intimate when compared to the private early abortion services offered at RWC. 

At RWC all the doctors in our office are board certified OB/GYNs with specialized training in early abortion options. They are nationally recognized as leaders in early abortion care and have been trained at the most prestigious institutions in the country. They will spend time with you and help you choose the best abortion method by reviewing your options and explaining the advantages and disadvantages to each method as it pertains to your situation. Your board certified OB/GYN will explain each method so you can make an informed decision. A decision that is right for you. Your entire experience at RWC is aimed at providing the safest abortion method in a private and intimate environment, it is for this reason we are considered leaders in private abortion care.

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