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Skin Lightening in Vereeniging, Vanderbijlpark & Sasolburg

The Yellow Bone Factory
Skin Lightening, Beauty, Acne Treatment, Stretch Mark Removal, Scar Treatment, Glutathione Injections, Hair Growth, Weight loss, Skin Treatments, Skin Whitening Pills, Skin Bleaching, 
A place where beauty is crafted, melded and redefined in many wondrous ways. Since our establishment in 2009, we have been tirelessly at the gruelling task of perfecting a bespoke and classic line of premium skin lightening products.

Our Position

There are many misconceptions, a lot of scary preconceived ideas and too much misinformation when it comes to the world of skin lightening. People use skin lightening products for a host of reasons, some medical, some aesthetic and others, purely for experiment.

It is our firm belief that the ability and desire to alter ones appearance is a personal and valid choice for anyone. If people can drastically alter their weight profile, why should they not be able to alter their complexion (or even racial) profile if that is what they desire?

At the Yellowbone Factory we acknowledge that our clients are intelligent, free thinking and autonomous individuals who, recognize that their lives were given to them by the Creator, to enjoy, cherish, enrich and own; as they desire. That ownership, enrichment and enjoyment can be interpreted in any way that an individual deems fit, thus, the gift of choice and free will that we as human beings have all been given. Our basic moto is that if you can imagine it, we can assist you to create it!

The effect of the experience
Brightening, lightening, whitening, de-pigmenting or illuminating your skin can; may and most likely will change your life in ways that you never imagined. We are all innately aware of the differences that occur in terms of how people perceive and accept others once they look the way you wish to look. This is the primary reason why many people wish to undergo a treatment to brighten, lighten, whiten, de-pigment or illuminate their skin.
While, the idea of a ‘lighter’, ‘whiter’ skin has varying connotations to many people, it is not the duty of the person under-going treatment to assist anyone in understand the transitions that you wish to embark on; be they physical or any other way.
It is an indisputable fact that people get treated differently generally, on the basis of how they look, before any other measure of who they are or what they are about. We tend to accord more respect, favour and acknowledgement for things and people that are deemed to be the most attractive and well presented.
Taking responsibility of that knowledge about yourself is laudable and will always stand you in a better stead than someone who does not.
If you believe that a lighter, blemish free version of yourself is what will make you be the best expression of yourself, you are probably right!
The Yellowbone Factory is here to ensure that all the tools that you require to get to the ideal version of yourself are available to you.
Get ready to be your own sparkle of achievement and love for life!
Our promise to you
At the Yellowbone Factory, our goal is to offer safe, high quality and effective product solutions to everyone who wishes to have a lighter complexion, for whatever motivation. We have products that brighten skin, products that lighten skin, products that whiten skin, products that de-pigment skin, products that illuminate skin, scar treatment solutions and products that maintain treated skin.
Our product ranges are designed to meet the specific needs of the individual. After a consultation, we guarantee that the products prescribed, will achieve the desired outcome.
None of our products contain HYDROQUINONE, CORTISONE, LEAD, MERCURY OR STERIODS. All of our products are made with the highest quality organic natural compounds, and manufactured in a manner that is consistent with the ideals of sustainability, respect for the environment and commendable labour practices.
Our raw ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers who provide the highest quality produce.
The manufacturing of our products is steered by the principals of fair and humane labour practices.
Our products are not tested on animals.
The most frequently asked question
On average, how long would it take to move from one complexion to another?
Although everyone’s skin is unique, there are general guidelines in terms of time, of how long on average it would take for one to move from one complexion set to another.

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